How to Create an Mobile App From Scratch

Are you an entrepreneur looking to create your app from scratch for your business? Mobile & web applications are ruling the business world today. Globally, around 90 per cent of the time on mobile internet is spent on apps only (source-marketer). And you should know that the gap is increasingly widening between mobile browser usage and mobile app usage. So, what holds you still?

If you’re looking for mobile app development company or looking to build your app by own but don’t know how to start, this blog will help you. You will learn how to make your app from scratch, from the idea to the execution and goals. How To Create An Mobile App From Scratch Let’s navigate the step-by-step process of creating an app:

Create the App Idea

AnIdea comes out of the observation and experts’ consultation. As per trusted sources, more than 4 million apps are lying in APP Store and Google Playstore. Think of the few apps that you use daily. You go a little deeper into their respective features and see the benefits they are providing.

How are those features together collaborating in each app to give out desired performance? Pick few features from various apps and blend them, meld them to form a new app. Yes, you need to consult an app development company in this process because it can guide the latest technology trend for an app building.

A few ways an app idea is created are remixing app ideas, upgrading the existing ones, or starting entirely with a new concept based on your life experiences and challenges you see around. Yes, setting your target audience comes in this step.

1.Market Research

Explore your market after you have set your target audience and created the idea for your app. There may be many apps already existing matching yours. For example, Byjus’s and Vedantu are serving a similar target audience school children and online education. So, both have separate apps and are established in the market.

They both are competitors, too.SO, you need to be aware of the market, and how much scope you may have out of the app you want to build. Scroll through the ratings and reviews of any competing apps you find. Note down the following things about the research work, market research you are doing about your competitors’ apps:

  • Name of app
  • All features/set of features
  • Technology used (Java,flutter,Python,Swift,React Native,etc.)
  • Pricing structure and payment plans
  • App’s Publisher
  • When updated last
  • Ratings
  • Reviews
  • Total Downloads/frequency

2.Noting features for MVP

You identify your goal, strategy as much as possible now. Then, note down the features you want to put forward. Because once you start execution, making changes that time will be very tasking and extra cost and energy. You don’t have to decide how many screens your app will have and what content you should put on each screen.

This step will come in the other part. It would be best to focus on what your target users will expect out of the app. Those features you note down will go for your MVP(Minimum Viable Product). The idea is that you will launch a small and valuable version of your app/product firstly, then later can modify it for the final version.

3.Digital Mock-Up Design

In this step, you will think about how your app will be intuitive, convenient to use and how users will see it and interact with it? Here, you have to ensure the usability aspects of the app’s varied features you have incorporated. You can go for the following steps:

  • Main Screens
  • Main Navigation
  • User Experience(UX)/Usability
  • Onboarding Sequence
  • Digital design tools– InVision, Studio,Figma, Sketch,FramerX (few examples)

3.UI/Graphic Designing

Now you have defined the way your app will look. The first appearance of your app creates a first impression on your users. That is called the UI (user-interface)part that makes the visual appeal for your app. This step will impact your overall UI/UX appeal. You’re creating a UI that will :

  • Define how your product will look
  • Used for presentation to potential clients,
  • Used to integrate graphic tools, GUI into the app by developers

Some ways you can undertake this step are hiring professional app developers that will look into this step and the whole process in app creation.

4.Marketing Plan

You should be aware that almost two million apps are lying in the iOS App Store. So, it would be best if you planned well how to sell your product in the market. Who will be your competitors, how to face them, your potential threats, etc., come under the marketing plan? So, before you launch your app, build your pre-launch marketing plans like a pre-launch email list, email campaigning, paid marketing, etc.

These days, a lot of the marketing work happens before the app is launched! For example, building a pre-launch email list is standard practice these days and leveraging paid marketing to promote your app. You can :

  • Build landing pages- There are varied drag & drop landing page builders, like, Mailchimp, Unbounce, Leadpages, etc.
  • Create a pre-launch email list
  • Document your entire journey
  • Optimizing your keywords and prepare ASO(App store optimization)


  • Email to all those in your email list
  • Join relevant social groups
  • Paid campaigns
  • Paid marketing

5.Building the App

Here you have to decide your actual development process. You are going to the next level after designing your app and documenting other things. Here, you have options to choose from. There are many ways that you don’t need to know programming, coding and can integrate features directly from readymade app builders available in the market. Also, you can plan your cost part. Some options available before you are:

  • Get free resources, free codes & build your app Yourself
  • Hire a freelancer ( but this might prove costlier, honestly)
  • Hire a reliable web & mobile app development company (repeating, it is very cost-effective and a perfect way to build your app)

Use an app-builder that can create your app without any coding requirement. You can select a template and start your app running by customizing. As you buy some pre-packaged codes closest to your app idea, You may have to go for monthly fee payment or available packages. Conduct proper research and plan out.

6. Submit your App 

If you are creating an app for the iOS platform, submit it to the App Store. If you are making for Androids, submit to the Google PlayStore.For example, if you are launching your app in the AppStore, you need approval from Apple’s App Certification team. In addition, you need to follow specific guidelines and match them.


How To Create An Mobile App From Scratch -The scope of improvement always lingers even after launching an app in the market. It is a continual improvement that can bring your app to the right audience and fulfil your desired business.

Once your target users start using your app in real-time, you follow their reviews on various dating sites (Clutch, Good firms, Google, etc.). How To Create An Mobile App From Scratch Prepare to face criticism because that will make you stronger and more valuable with better features and usage benefits.

Undoubtedly, you can expect maximum ROI because owning an app in the market is one of the hottest business options available today.

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