Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy explains Our policies and methods on gathering, handling, and disclosing your data when You accept the Service and understand Your privacy rights and how the law secures Your information.

Last updated: February 12, 2021

Analysis and Interpretations

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Dedication to Data Protection

To restrict unapproved access, preserve data efficiency, and secure the proper use of data, we have established suitable physical, electric, and managerial methods to protect and protect the information we collect online.


The first line’s terms are capitalized meanings established under the following limitations.

The following descriptions shall hold the same purpose despite whether they perform singular or plural.


For this Privacy Policy:

You mean somebody is obtaining or utilizing the Service, or the business, or other lawful entity on account of which such person is entering or using the Service, as suitable.


Company (connected to as unless “the Company,” “We,” “Us,” or “Our” in this Contract) introduces to SmartFocus Digital.

Website refers to SmartFocus Digital, accessible from

Service applies to the Website.

Country refers to Bangalore,India

Service Provider determines any actual or legal individuals who process the information on the part of the Company. It applies to third-party companies or people operated by the Company to promote the Service, implement the Service on account of the Company, present services associated with the Service, or support the Company in examining how the Service is accepted.


Personal Data is any data associated with a distinguished or identifiable person.

Cookies are small data stored on Your processor, mobile gadget, or any other means by a website, holding the information of Your browsing history on that any website among its many practices.

Usage Data applies to data gathered automatically, each created by the performance of the Service or from the Service support itself.

SmartFocus Digital is fully engaged in protecting every individual private information. Therefore, if we ask you to present your personal information while working on the website, you can relax secured that it is connected with us. Furthermore, we don’t use or exchange your information to any other origins, and it is only aimed to illustrate whence and among who it may be shared.

It is profoundly advised to go through the privacy policy part while working on the website. That signifies you will be admitting the Terms & Conditions, which are specified here.

What personal data does SmartFocus Digital collect?

The volume of data that SmartFocus Digital accumulates depends upon the practice of the guest. If you are looking to be a registered user, yourself required to start with your primary data. Next, we will accumulate your email ID, including your first name. 

There is no need to worry as we practice SSL encryption to broadcast your data between our systems. But, for sure, we don’t appreciate sharing your email or any other personal data with any others. 

What Tracking Information Does SmartFocus Digital Collect?

Each time you hit a website, your browser places a cookie on your pc. It is data sent from an appropriate website and saved in the user’s browser, and data can be regained to inform the website of the user’s actions in the history. 

Furthermore, the cookies can also record the user’s login data, gather analytics and current sessions. SmartFocus Digital manages the data which is collected for the below-listed reasons such as –

  • Retargeting
  • Billing
  • Contact
  • Identification
  • Authentic

We don’t uncover the user’s data to anybody, but, under particular situations, we may utilize it to comply with, particularly if you ravish our terms and conditions. Additionally, obtain required sometimes to share data to block or adopt actions upon unlawful activities.

Contact Us

If you have any questions about this Privacy Policy, You can contact us:

·         By email: [email protected]

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