Do you realize that your smartphone has become a survival tool for your day-to-day needs? Today, you live in a world of apps and depend a lot on your smartphones. For any service, don’t you consult related apps, download from Google play store/AppStore, and install in your mobile? Similarly, for health issues, the first thing a person does is consult some healthcare app on his mobile phone. People will prefer consulting various healthcare apps instead of physically visiting doctors in a hospital or a clinic in the current pandemic and even post-pandemic. So, if you are considering building a customized healthcare app for your business, this is the ripe time to do so. It would help if you did the groundwork and consult a mobile app development company about developing a robust healthcare app for you. In the meantime, why don’t you dig in deeper to get the top app ideas for your healthcare startup? Lets’ see the top 5 app ideas for healthcare startups.

1.Doctor’s Appointment App

Scheduling an appointment with concerned doctors is the most outstanding achievement a patient can have during an emergency. You never know what time you may need a doctor’s help for you or your family member so, if you have an appropriate healthcare app like Practo, Apollo’s, etc., then you can procure an appointment and see a doctor available at that time who can immediately see you (or the patient)online. Thus, an appropriate app can get you a doctor’s appointment and help you get treatment on time. Creating a healthcare app for booking an appointment for a doctor’s consultation is a great app idea for healthcare startups.  

2.Lifestyle Diseases Management App

Chronic diseases like kidney problems, blood pressure, diabetes, thyroid disorders, obesity are posing to be grave problems to people of all ages and genders. Lifestyle is also a significant factor behind causing these chronic diseases. Sedentary lifestyle, unhealthy eating habits, and many things that people follow in a day-to-day regime lead to chronic illnesses. So, a lifestyle disease management app or established disease management application can be an apt business idea. Furthermore, patients suffering from these chronic diseases will require to monitor their health regularly and need a regular medical check-up. Using IoTdigital technology alongside AI and others, patient-doctor remote monitoring becomes convenient and easy. So, if you are a startup looking for a healthcare app idea, going for a lifestyle or chronic disease management app will be a perfect decision.

3.Women’s Health-Focussed App

Women face a lot of health issues in varied stages. Whether girls’ pre-teen problems, puberty, or Menstrual cycle, or women’s pregnancy, PCOS,postpartum issue,depressions, female-centric osteoporosis, etc. need well-focussed personalized medical attention.Nothing can beat the idea of a women-centric healthcare app that takes care of women’s needs for monitoring and caring forhealth.Tracking the menstrual cycle and timeline is a favorite amongst teens.Why not turn this healthcare app idea into your startup business? Moreover, a digital clinic dedicated to women will help deal with the genuine problem of hesitation and fear that a typical woman faces, especially in rural areas. Your women’s health-focused app may consist of a panel of gynecologists, dieticians, therapists, professional lady physicians, etc. and this will help in catering to the womens’ healthcare needs from across the globe.

4.Mental-Health Care App

Stress is taking a toll on mental health for almost everyone across the globe. The pandemic has added fuel to the ongoing mental Stress, and people confined within homes is another reason that mental healthcare apps need an urgent launch in the market. Mental ailments, psychiatrists, and psychologists need one common platform for timely intervention and treatment to needy patients. People from all age groups are increasingly facing psychological disorders, need frequent counseling, psychiatric help, regular check-ups for better health prospects. In the USA alone, almost 16 million of the total population are suffering from depression, anxiety. To check the growing graph of mental illness amongst youngsters and older ones alike, a suitable healthcare app catering to mental fitness and ailments can help a lot. A perfect mental-health tracking app can help to prevent people from taking extreme steps like going suicidal or making life complicated due to mental disorders. Take, for example, the WYSA app. It is an AI-powered chatbot that dons the role of a mental health coach, anxiety helper, mood tracker, and a lot more that one needs to ensure the mental stability is finely intact.

5.Diet-Tracker& Weight-Loss App

If you visit social channels, you will see how people are diet conscious and weight conscious nowadays. They are increasingly moving to a self-care regime, and daily workouts are becoming a fitness trend. In the present era of corona fear and social distancing guideline, people are hesitant to step out of homes and go to the gym. They prefer their mobile applications that are dedicated to taking care of their fitness needs. Vegan diet, KETO diet, healthy diet are attracting youngsters and old alike. Building immunity to combat deadly viruses like the coronavirus has become a priority for all. SO, why not capitalize on this golden opportunity and get your diet-tracker and weight-loss app created? People are conscious about their weight and diet. But, they need proper guidance, the help of dieticians, nutritionists, physical trainers, yoga trainers, all connected in one place. So, the diet-tracker and the weight-loss app is a perfect healthcare app idea for your healthcare startup. For example, the Healthify app, Truweight app, FAtSecret app are few healthcare apps you can learn about the given concept.

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Health is Wealth! People need medical attention at any place, anytime, just for anyone. And they don’t want to rush to hospitals and clinics. So telemedicine, remote-based patient-doctor consultation, virtual-mode treatment, AI-IoT powered fitness trackers and apps, etc., are becoming popular and opening business avenues for entrepreneurs worldwide.

So it’s now your turn. If you have an app idea or looking for a digital partner for Healthcare mobile application development as per your business, you can count upon us!